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From gardens to gates to bridges and backyards, and from neighborhoods to niches, I believe there is always room for more art. And more color.

Growing up with a blind mom and color blind dad allowed me the freedom to wildly experiment with color. As a child, I wore purple plaid outfits, brown sweaters (my dad thought they were red and my mom thought they felt pretty), and other garish clothes picked out by my loving, though color-challenged parents. There were no color rules in our house. My childhood was color overload, and I was in.


When I was a teenager, of course, I wanted out. I decided the color cacophony had to stop. I rebelled and went monochromatic (green, but still). I embraced painting and any art classes I could take in school. I moved to Arizona for college, and eventually found the obvious career choice for me — art. 


As an artist, I am inspired by nature. I was initially a painter, but transitioned into mosaics and hand-glazed murals because I needed the tactile experience as well as the visual experience (I thank my blind mom for that sensitivity to touch). I'm inspired by my favorite artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. He believed art needs to bring back nature through organic form and nature-inspired designs. I buy into that idea and my art is all about nature and color.  

Let me make something for you!


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